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Welcome to Daisy Hill Dog Training

Daisy Hill Dog Training Center, established in 1997 by Chris Barnhart, offers in-home obedience and behavior training using positive reinforcement-based methods. Chris works one-on-one with owners to deliver a quality program based on client's goals, breed-specific learning traits and temperament. The training emphasizes easy-to-understand techniques for owners, and a positive learning environment for the dogs. In other words — It works! And it’s fun!

People and dogs.  We’re so drawn to one another.  And we seem to delight in bringing each other into our respective worlds. 

We do live in two very different worlds.  And even though we don’t come close to speaking the same language we work very hard to understand each other. Because the rewards are so terrific—sharing walks, relaxing or, playing a great game of fetch— the effort is worthwhile. 

Sometimes, however, problem behaviors interfere with having the canine partner we’d like. And we risk deterioration of that unique human-animal bond. 

A comprehensive training program helps owners understand and influence their dog’s behavior, become more skillful at effective communication, and establish a relationship that works for them and makes sense to their dog. 

Whether you have a new puppy, a recently adopted dog or a dog you’ve lived with for some time, training can help. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop a loving and lasting relationship with your canine partner.

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