Daisy Hill Training Services

Chris Barnhart

Dogs can begin a training program as early as 10 weeks of age.  Chris meets with you and your dog typically once a week but scheduling can be flexible to accommodate your needs.  Each session is conducted for one hour in your home.

Beginning Obedience and Behavior Training
4 Lessons

During this course, Chris teaches obedience commands such as sit, heel, come, stay, down and place (go lie down), and helps you develop these skills to be performed at distance, for longer duration and among distractions. At the same time she consults on behavior issues such as housebreaking, jumping, socialization, aggression, fear and anxiety, and prescribes a plan to change the unwanted behavior. Behavior-change programs are designed specifically for each case and are reassessed and updated throughout the process.

Planning to Get a Dog?

Chris can assist you in deciding what kind of dog would be a good match for you, and what to consider in selecting a companion for your current dog.  She can meet with you for an in-home or in-shelter assessment of a new dog you’re considering adding to your family.

Advanced Obedience and Behavior Training
Design Lessons to Match Your Goals

Prerequisite:  Beginning Obedience and Behavior Training

Chris assists you and your dog in taking beginning obedience to the next level. Commands can include the place command (go lie down), out-of-sight and distance stay, and off lead voice control.
Chris can introduce you to trick training, teaching skills like shake, wave, roll over, back, take a bow, speak, spin, etc.
She can also accompany you and your dog off-site to work through behavior problems in specific environments, or polish obedience in distracting surroundings.

Style and Training Method

To guide owners in developing a lasting relationship with a happy and confident dog, Chris emphasizes the importance of bonding and communicating.  Owners learn to see situations from the dog's perspective and give precise, timely, humane feedback so the dog is clear about what owners want and don’t want.  The training is kind and intelligent with lots of opportunity for positive praise, rewards, play and celebration! 

Dog training often requires that owners develop new skills and habits. An encouraging coach for all family members, Chris provides a supportive and motivating environment for owners, as well as their dogs, to learn new things.

Behavior Consultations

While behavior work usually goes hand-in-hand with obedience training, Chris is happy to meet with you to address any behavior problems.  Sometimes one session is all that is needed, other times several meetings over a period of weeks is suggested.  For especially serious or dangerous behavior issues, Chris will refer to applied animal behaviorists.


Selecting a dog trainer to work with you and your canine family member is a thoughtful process. Chris happily invites you to schedule a consultation to meet with her, discuss your goals, let her meet your dog and answer your questions. Cost is determined by your location, number of dogs, and the program you select.